Domaine Specht
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Specht’s domain is in Mittelwihr, a small town of 1,000 inhabitants, located in the heart of the Alsace’s vineyard. In 1955 Alfred Specht decided to turn the family farm into a vineyard. The domain covers 11 hectares and is divided into 40 plots.

At Specht’s domain all the alsatians grapes are cultivated, but the spotlight is on the Grand Cru Mandelberg which is made exclusively of Riesling and Gewurztraminer. The vineyard is perfectly located on the hills at the bottom of the Vosges. The wine crafted with Mandelberg hill’s grape reflect its micro-climate: fruity, powerful and generous. The plots are worked on separately, this way the winemakers can get the best out of each plot. The Specht Domain is currently transitioning toward organic farming, with farming techniques such as manual harvest (more than 70%), limitation of chemicals, bottle recycling...

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View of the Valley from the top of Ribeauville

The German border is at the bottom of the screen, the village of Ribeauville down the hill and Beblenheim on the right hand side of Ribeauville from your point of view. Mittelwhir is behind Beblenhein, on the other side of the small hill. The vine around us are Pinot Blanc.

How I started with Domaine Specht
I met Domaine Specht's owner, Denis Specht, during a wine tasting in Germany. I tasted his wines and really enjoyed them. I also liked the man and how he talks about his wines and his work.
It was very important for me to work with an Alsace producer since their grapes do not grow anywhere else in France.
Thibault Poisson