Domaine du Petit Coteau
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Belonging to the Feray family since 2005, Petit Coteau is a 16-hectare vineyard run following principles of organic farming. The wines come from a single plot located at a place called "Les Grenouilles" in Vernou-sur-Brenne where vines grow on silty clay soil.  Domaine du Petit Coteau produces sparkling and sec (dry) Vouvray along with moelleux and liquoreux Vouvray (sweet and botritys). Benefitiating from an excellent location between the village of Vernou and the village of Chancay, Domaine du Petit Côteau vineyard is close to the Loire river and up to the Brenne (a small river which is going to the Loire in front of Moncontour) with a good sun exposition. This location offers a great temperature variation between day and night as well as a good aeration for the grape. The soil is mostly clay and calcareous. 

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About Appellation Vouvray

AOP/AOC Vouvray was created by decree in 1936.

The appellation area begins at the eastern edge of the Tours conurbation and extends through 7 communes on the right bank of the Loire and along the Brenne, its tributary. The vineyard area is 2,210 hectares

The development of the vineyard is attributed to Saint Martin, founder of the famous Marmoutier Abbey, who, according to legend, introduced a number of varietals and a pruning system still in use today. Balzac left his mark on Vouvray when he chose it as the setting for his novel “L’Illustre Godissart” (“The Illustrious Godissart”); a bust of this fictional travelling salesman is still found in one of the town’s squares.

Along the valleys, soils warm up quickly under the moderating influence of the ocean which tails of gradually as the Loire flows to the heart of the vineyards. Sunny autumns encourage over-ripening and noble rot. Demi-sec, sparkling and sweet production depends on variations in the weather, and vintage is a determining factor. Excellent dry Vouvray wines are produced every year.

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