Domaine Benoit Cantin
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Family owned for 5 generations, Domaine Benoit Cantin covers 13.5 Ha in the heart of the Irancy vineyard. Benoit took over in 1994 and wish to establish in a few years his son Felicien or his daughter Emeline.

Benoit Cantin does not want his vineyard to be certified organic to keep his liberty in term of farming practice, but his philosophy is to respect his Terroir and the nature. Benoit is part of a program name Biodivineto, which goal is to protect the biodiversity in the vineyard.
The water used in the vineyard comes from the rain and some of the oak barrels he uses are made from his own oak tree.

Technical Sheet

  • Irancy Village 2018

About Irancy

The vineyard at Irancy looks like an arena around the village. Irancy is located in Burgundy, in the district of Yonne, at 18Km from Chablis. The vineyards of Irancy cover 160 hectares (20 growers). The average production is 80,000 cases per year.
The grapes are Pinot noir and up to 10% Cesar in the blend for the Palotte (only red and rosé wines).
The soil is compose of limestone, marl and clay from  the Kimmeridgaen.
The average yield is 45 Hl/ Ha
How I started with Benoit Cantin
Benoit Cantin's Irancy has been the first wine I tasted when I was 10 or 11. This is maybe why I am today working in the wine industry. His wines are pure, well made and bring a fantastic value to the wine drinker.
When I started Terroirs Export, I went to see Benoit Cantin to export his wines. He never really did it before and agreed right away.
Thibault Poisson