Château Moncontour 
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The Château Moncontour vineyards are spread over several villages in the Vouvray appellation and on over several terroirs. These diverse parcels measuring 130 hectares give the wine large variety and structure, with varying aromas and characters. From limestone clay soils to siliceous clay terroirs, all the mineral characteristics of the AC are found in the wines of the Château. The site boasts stunning views over the whole Loire Valley area. Since 1994, the Feray family has been preserving and enhancing the Château with enthusiasm and commitment, making it one of the most remarkable historic sites in the Loire Valley. The wine estate is one of the oldest in the Touraine region and now also features among the most prestigious of the Loire Valley.

Each plot is carefully taken care of, which means that the wines can be matured individually. The wine estate has been completely reorganized so that the local grape variety, Chenin, can draw from the excellence of the natural and geological resources in the terroir.

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About Appellation Vouvray

AOP/AOC  Vouvray was created by decree in 1936.

  • Location

The appellation area begins at the eastern edge of the Tours conurbation and extends through 7 communes on the right bank of the Loire and along the Brenne, its tributary. The vineyard area is 2,210 hectares

  • History
The development of the vineyard is attributed to Saint Martin, founder of the famous Marmoutier Abbey, who, according to legend, introduced a number of varietals and a pruning system still in use today. Balzac left his mark on Vouvray when he chose  it as the setting for his novel “L’Illustre Godissart” (“The Illustrious Godissart”); a bust of this fictional travelling salesman is still found in one of the town’s squares.

  • Climate

Along the valleys, soils warm up quickly under the moderating influence of the ocean which tails of gradually as the Loire flows to the heart of the vineyards. Sunny autumns encourage over-ripening and noble rot. Demi-sec, sparkling and sweet production depends on variations in the weather, and vintage is a determining factor. Excellent dry Vouvray wines are produced every year.

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How I started to work with the Feray family
While working in Houston Texas for Global Quality Import, I received a phone call from Gilles Feray. At this time I was working at Central market (a local high end grocery store in Houston) stacking some wines. He offers me to come meet with him to become the export manager for the different wineries own by the family. I was coming back in France for my wedding the week after so we met briefly in Paris between 2 planes on my way to Jurançon.
The plan was to come back to leave in France, the meeting went well so I took the job in early 2006.
When I started my company in 2013, I offered him to keep working with his wines as an independent.
The funny story here is that I knew Mister Feray (Father) but did not recall him. He was one of my father friend and he gave me a surgery at the shoulder when I was 9 years old.
Thibault Poisson