About Us

Terroirs Export was created in July 2013 by Thibault Poisson.
We act as the Export Department for all of our wineries. 
We only represent high-quality, family owned wineries who share our philosophy towards sustainable, organic and/or biodynamic farming practices. These winegrower's have a great understanding of their regions, soils and vines.  Their main goal is not about production levels but to best express their unique terroirs.
Terroirs export handles the complexities of exporting their wines so they could concentrate on their main job: growing vines and making great wines. We strive to create a portfolio that is balanced and original while bringing excellent wines and excellent value to our importers and distributors.

A passion for wine...

I come from a non-winemaking family and grow up in Normandy, far away from any vineyard. However, my family and I enjoyed drinking wine. So much so that it led me to decide I was going to work in the wine industry.
After graduating from IPAG Business school, I studied in Burgundy for one year. I learned as much as possible about wines while taking some formal classes at CFPPA.  I followed that with practical winemaking experience as I worked as the assistant wine maker at Pavilon de Chavanne in Cote de Brouilly and Lupé Cholet in Nuit St Georges.
After that enriching experience travelling thru french and foreign vineyards and learning about all aspects of wine, I went to live in the USA. I spent 4 years in Houston,Texas and worked as the wine manager for Global Quality Import; an importer and distributor of fine wine and liquors.
I returned to France in early 2006 and spent almost 8 years with the Feray Family, owner of Chateau Moncontour in the Loire Valley, as their export Manager.
I started Terroirs export because I wanted to work with different vineyards, different people and different wines. I also plan to build the commercial structure that one day will allow me to sell wines from my own vineyards.

Vineyard Practises

More and more people care about vineyard practises. I do!
All the winery we are working for care about their environment and about the impact of their work on their terroir.
Each winery are different and the philosophy change from one to an other.

- Some does not want to go with any certification even if they do have a lot of sustainable, organic or even byodinamic practices.
- Some are going thru the HVE3 sustainable certification.
The High Environmental Value (HEV) is based on environmental performance indicators that cover the entire operation.
Certification certifies that biodiversity elements (hedges, grass strips, trees, flowers, insects, etc.) are very widely present on the farm and that the pressure of agricultural practices on the environment (air, climate, water, soil, biodiversity, landscapes) is reduced to a minimum.
The certification criteria are based on 4 themes:
• Biodiversity - Biodiversity
• Phytosanitary strategy
• Fertilization management
• Water resource management

- Some are organic certified with Ecocert or are in transition to that certification (it takes 3 years). The biggest difficulty is to manage the grass and work the soil.
Ecocert certification is recognized world-wide, currently certifying in over 80 countries. Their standards require the use of substantial amounts of natural and organic ingredients, produced with environmentally-friendly processes, and prohibits the use of many synthetic ingredients.

The Ecocert certification guarantees:
• Climate and environment protection
• Conservation of soil fertility / Preservation of biodiversity
• Respect of natural cycles and animal welfare
• Absence of use of chemical and synthetic products / Absence of GMO

International Partnerships

Terroirs Export works in cooperation with Christophe CHAPILLON (specialist of Spanish wines), and PASCAL SCHILDT (specialist of South African Wines) to promote all of our different wineries.
Our houses have grown with the same passion for wine and its expression and respect of terroir. We have decided to share our knowledge of the International Market while proposing an even deeper portfolio.